"As a coach Amanda, of West Coast Leadership, creates a safe environment, devoid of any judgment"

The West Coast Leadership (PTY) Ltd team’s mission is to create communities of learning for leaders. The purpose is to develop Morally sound leadership. Moral leaders are technically competent and have learned the ability to suspend their personal interest to enable the development of the people who they lead. This in turn creates organisational growth.

West Coast Leadership was established in 2012 by Amanda Roon who has 24 years experience as a people and organisation culture development practitioner, 19 years  as a company executive and 8 years as a leadership coach. 

  • Her qualifications include MSc. Management of Technology and Innovation in the Domain of Coaching at the Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management (Johannesburg) (2012). Her dissertation followed after a five year research during an ongoing change management project, on the power of coaching to develop trust and rapport in teams and the co-creative power that this has . This lead to the concept of the creation of Healthy Human Ecologies, who are enabled to increase the ability to thrive during change.
  • During 2007/ 2008 she also completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching at The University of Stellenbosch Business School. During this period she worked with a management team to develop their ability to use coaching competencies as part of their day to day leadership style towards creating Lean Thinking among their teams.
  • The above learning process was preceded by degrees in Psychology and Sociology and an Honours Degree in Industrial and Organisational Development at the University of Pretoria. (1987)
  • Her work included Labour Relations across a period  ranging from 1994 to 2013. She was accredited by the Commission of Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration of South Africa as a Conciliator, during which time she supported the Textile Industry with dispute mediation.
  • She was also the chairperson of various bodies in industry that made it their business to either advance the competitiveness of industry or took care of social benefits of employees, including a national bargaining council.

Suspending personal interest requires emotional and spiritual maturity.

The West Coast Leadership team focus is on the development of emotional and spiritual development of leadership. We do not believe that leaders are only formally appointed, but that we all play different leadership roles during the course of our days and lifetime.

We believe that people find and create meaning through the stories that they tell about themselves and their communities.  We follow a narrative approach to create opportunities of self awareness as opposed to psychometric assessments.

The stories that we tell give shape to how we experience life. There is increasing evidence that the human brain is plastic, and that there is a strong link between our thoughts and our physical experiences and condition. There is a direct effect between what we feel in our bodies and what is happening outside our bodies. 

We collaborate with expert coaches and trainers who share our ethical concern that leadership should be creating healthy, long-term viable environments, in which people can flourish.

We follow our passion and not market segments -

We do not chase market segments, but believe that we attract people who are searching to develop their ability, to create healthy environments in which people can flourish.

We believe in wealth creation -

We believe in wealth creation for ourselves, those who collaborate with us and our clients. 

We appreciate diversity -

We celebrate diversity and will deploy coaches who appropriately match the profile of the leaders who we support. We accept leaders are unique individuals and encourage them to revel in this, by developing individualised leadership models, although we will expose them to existing leadership models.

We do not compromise on ethics -

We encourage diverse and unique approaches to leadership development but is unashamedly ethical and hold ourselves and coaches, teachers and facilitators to a high ethical standard.

We take care of leaders who take care of others -

We actively create beautiful, peaceful and stimulating learning environments. We aim to ensure that our clients do not only learn, but also return to their workplaces rejuvenated. We aim at increasing individual leader’s robustness to deal with the daily challenges that may lead to exhaustion.

We support leaders post training events -

All leadership retreats can be followed-up with individual coaching sessions at the client’s request. This serves continue to be thinking partners of leaders who return to their places of work.



We believe that work = love and having fun while we work with each other and our clients.